Elaine Sullivan, founder of Skybrook Consultants,  has a real passion for people and invites businesses and other business owners to join her on her show to share their thoughts and experiences on the world at large and how, by working together, we all benefit.

For details of Skybrook Consultants’ services in training, coaching and mentoring please feel free to take a look their website www.SkybrookConsultants.co.uk.  Additionally, if you’d like to know more or simply chat directly to Elaine, give her a call or use the Book a Consultation option to access her diary directly.

Diksha Chakravati - Fixme

Sometimes you come across a person that stops you in your tracks; Diksha Chakravati is one such person. She is a charming and irresistible mix of friendliness and feistiness. Diksha is a holistic therapist, specialising in chronic pain and stress management. She uses a multitude of techniques including Physical Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness to help people out of pain, both emotional and physical.

Diksha’s aptly-named business – FixMe – is based at her charming home in Lower Earley, near Reading. Her clients often come to her as a “last resort”, which Diksha says wryly is a kind of “backhanded compliment”. Spend a few minutes with Diksha and she will regale stories of clients in terrible pain who have learned to “manage it”; clients who claimed they rattled with meds but are now completely off them; clients who couldn’t open their mouths fully but can now sing and finally some who couldn’t sleep for months but after only a few sessions with Diksha are now sleeping like a baby. Simply put: Diksha enables people to get on with their lives again.


Jude Price - Creative Conundrums

Jude says “It is wonderful to have been chosen as a finalist for the Venus Awards Thames Valley for being me. 2 years ago I pledged online for a campaign ‘Time for Change’ run by Mind and Rethink to share my story of my past mental health experiences in order to help others to open up and talk. It was one of the scariest but most rewarding things I have ever done.. I have learnt a lot about myself in the process and now can use that in coaching and workshops to encourage others to get to know themselves better.

‘Success is comparative to where you start in life’ The only person you should compare yourself to is you.. It has been a long time getting to where I am now, but I love that I can inspire others to be more themselves in their business. I am on a mission to infuse Creative Thinking into all areas of peoples Business and Personal Life to bring about the changes you choose to reflect who you really are.

Jude also founded World Doodle Day giving everyone the opportunity to be creative. She can be contacted via her websites, by phone 01256 225203 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Heidi Strickland-Clark - Fasttrack Fit Camp

Finalist for the Venus Award, Influential Woman of the Year, Heidi has always had a fascination with all things health and food related. It wasn’t unusual for me to read recipe books rather than fiction. She swam competitively for Reading Swimming Club as a teenager and so you’d think I’d be used to the early starts for our Early Risers camp, but no, I am the grumpy one in the morning!

Having retrained from events management to personal training & massage, she found herself in the fitness industry and soon became very passionate about group fitness and eventually founded FastTrack Fit Camp was founded in 2009 and has worked hard to build a business that provides our campers with a sense of achievement and success whilst helping to educate along the way how to be healthier and happier! Health and happiness first and foremost, after that everything else is so much easier!

One great recommendation that Heidi provided us with was a book recommendation Profit First, by Michalowicz, which she credits for turning her own business around


Martin Fowler - Business Over Breakfast

In addition to running his own credit management business CMP, Martin Fowler is also Regional Director for Business over Breakfast for Hampshire and West London. Having grown both the areas to the vibrant group of clubs that very much reflect his personality and entrepreneurial style

Martin takes time out between meetings to discuss Business Over Breakfast, his own meetings and everything networking


Anita Deer - Please Be Seated Event Management & Wedding Services

Anita is the archetypical portfolio business owner, running a Network Marketing business providing skincare, makeup and nutrition and, believe it or not, fitting kitchens and bathrooms for her husbands company. However today she talks to Skybrook about her business ‘Please Be Seated Event Management and Wedding Services’ and how she got into the business over 10 years ago after getting married at a beautiful country house but found that the venue couldn’t even provide chair covers that fit. This prompted her to start her own business a few years later, knowing she could provide a better service than what was out there.

She’s very conscious of the cleanliness of her covers (some 600 covers and 10,000 sashes some of which are pretty unique), and washes and iron all her own, spending a lot of time taking the shoe polish marks out of the bottom of the covers to ensure that they are pristine for you

Anita is waiting for her website to be completed but can currently be found via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PleaseBeSeatedEvents/



Rasheed Ogunlaru - Soul Trader

Rasheed Ogunlaru is a leading life coach, speaker and business / corporate coach. He helps people of all backgrounds find fulfilment and ‘meaningful success’ in all areas of their lives and careers. He is author of Soul Trader – Putting The Heart Back into Your Business, The Gift of Inner Success and A Zest for Business. His clients include entertainers, entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, teachers, healers, the public and organisations. He appears in the media including on BBC and ITV News. He is the business coach partner of the British Library. His 18year+ background in coaching, training, media and performance includes being former Co-Director of Samaritans (Central London), a Communication Manager and singer-songwriter. He is also Co-founder of the self-development resource EvolvedHeart.com and founder of Soul Trader, an online resource for small, ethical and heart-centred businesses

Rasheed can also be found at www.rasaru.com and is available via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


James Nathan - James Nathan

James started his professional life as a chartered accountant, before breaking free and embarking on a life of professional sales, then business development and service excellence training. He has built highly successful businesses in both corporate and SME environments, including growing a division of a global recruitment business from start up to over £1m profit per annum in just a few short years.

He now works with business people from all walks of life to help them achieve their business potential, with a specific talent for helping people who are great at whatthey do, but not always great at selling what they do. Whether that’s getting more clients or getting more from your existing relationships - his passion is help you get there fast, in the most effective, profitable and fun way possible.


Gina Balarin - Verballistics

Gina Balarin founder of Verballistics, a marketing consultancy that helps people make their words go mental. She’s also the author of a business book called “The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and the Power of People” . She’s a curious mix of passion, creativity, focus and business acumen. She’s a Chartered Marketer and has worked as a Content Guru and a Marketing Director, she has a Masters Degree in Management Communication and has written hundreds of blog posts and case studies over the and in 2016 gave a TEDx presentation and appeared on That’s Oxfordshire TV.

In the not too future she’s publishing her book, ‘The Secret Army: Leadership, Marketing and ‘the Power of People’ a personal account of great and not-so-great leadership with a few key insights, hints and tips. Listen to her here to understand how through her marketing consultancy, she helps people showcase the passion they feel about their companies, helping them find ways of sharing what they do with the rest of the world through great marketing communication.


Jackie Chappell - The Ironing Lady

Jackie had a successful career in the rail industry, where she rose from a part-time employee selling tickets to become the Chief Executive of the Industry’s Training and Competence Company, making her the first ever female CEO in the industry’s history. Through her seven years at the helm, she led the company to achieve phenomenal growth coupled with tremendous industry and government recognition, in particular National Training Organisation status

Following this career, Jackie created her own company; The Ironing Lady and its sister company The Cleaning Ladies, which in the last twelve years have developed a reputation for quality and innovation and achieved considerable growth despite the recent recession.

Jackie is keen to make sure her staff have the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential though skills and external qualifications, and has helped previous employees successfully start their own company.

Jackie now has a busy speaking career, addressing Business Expos, start-ups, the Aspire Entrepreneur Academy and many others.

Friends, colleagues and peers call her confident, a fantastic leader, and an inspiration. They admire her ability to always look on the positive side of life, to “muck in” to get the job done, and her desire to champion potential in others, especially helping women smash through perceived glass ceilings as she herself has done.


Caroline Newton - Number Seventy Eight

Caroline is a skilled business manager and buyer with 16 years experience within the Arts, Heritage and Visitor Attraction sector and has the ability to plan the bigger strategic picture as well as the operational detail.

She has the ability to quickly cut through a complex situation, get to the crux of the issues and then offer practical, common sense solutions - underpinned by sound business management knowledge coupled with some creative thinking. These abilities are coupled with a talent for being able to talk to anyone on their level - be it children or CEO's - a skill that's reaped rewards when working on major cross-departmental projects. She gets straight to the point, doesn’t over complicate and likes finding the fun and enjoyment in change and development.

Her experience has been gained from the shop floor to boardroom and working consistently closely with many other departments such as marketing, business development, publishing, HR, finance, creative services, digital marketing, merchandising, visual merchandising, visitor & retail operations, IT, curators, researchers and catering has given her a wide and varied skill set and a comprehensive understanding of business mechanics & team dynamics.


Sue Benoke - Smarter Business Consultancy

Sue grew up on a large council estate in South London where you had to know how to look after yourself! Life at home was challenging and school was an escape. She learned from an early age that to be successful you had to have the right attitude and be prepared to work really hard.

She is still married to her best friend after 33 years, saying “Marriage, like business is hard work, but worth persevering!” Throughout that time she’s coped becoming the main bread winner when here husband had to give up work, working part-time in finance AND still finding time to study for her accountancy exams. She’s then became a head of practice, head of administration and finance for a barristers chambers and later practice manager for a firm of solicitors, completing her studies for her Masters in Management and HR

5 years ago after voluntary redundancy she set up her own company offering business advice, coaching and mentoring and after going through LMI-UK’s programme chose to work with them offering programmes that enable managers and leaders to be more effective and productive and therefore more profitable, working smarter not harder.

But her passion right now is the Leadership for Women programme which deals with a lot of the issues she has personally gone through to undo the conditioning to behave in a certain way, or to feel guilty about being successful, or, like her, a self-confessed workaholic, feeling constantly guilty for not being home enough with her husband and children. The programme helps women to realise that they don’t have to be more aggressive or work ridiculous hours, alternatively they can use the skills they naturally have to help themselves and their team become the best they can be.


Debbie Sadler - Hewetts Solicitors

Debbie is a highly experienced lawyer with 11 years post qualification experience who works at Hewetts Solicitors in Reading and specialises in all areas of HR and employment law as well as dealing with litigation and contentious probate. She is an experienced speaker and trainer, and believes passionately in the value of education with her aim to not only to help people understand the letter of the law and its implications but, perhaps more importantly, to empower them to implement it.

Prior to qualifying as a solicitor, Debbie worked in the public sector, the travel industry and in education. She enjoys gardening, karaoke and reading


Paul Barrell - Author of Postcards from Pimlico

Elaine chats with Paul Barrell, author of Postcards from Pimlico a tale inspired by his memories of events, people and places in London in the 1980s. Based upon a true story of three college friends Charles, Monty and Ben who had lived together in London in that era. It’s the account of how the friends are brought back together as result of Charles’s devastating news that his twin brother John has died and wants the three of them to meet up before the funeral. Reuniting at a wine bar, Ben senses they are hiding something and attempts to unravel a mystery.

This entertaining chat with the author covers his journey from pen to publishing, and the amazing and coincidental events together with the people met along the way, that conspired to get the ultimately get the book to print.


Davin and Atuksha - Crowdfunding Simple Equity and Simple Backing

Interested in crowdfunding? Listen to Elaine’s conversation with Davin and Atuksha Poonwassie, co-founders of Simple Backing, a property P2P (peer-to-peer) platform and Simple Equity, a property equity platform. With Davin’s background in data, databases and Information technology and Atuksha’s in Customer Relationship Management and Analytics, their skills are a perfect blend for their crowdfunding business for property, and with their drive they will help move crowdfunding from being seen as an alternative method of finance to where, one day, it will be mainstream.

Outside of crowdfunding, Davin is a keen property investor himself, and a business and property coach helping others achieve their own goals and aspirations. Atuksha, with her years of experience of helping many other business across many different industries solve their customer challenges, is also a Director of the UK Crowdfunding Association. In the same way she has helped the companies she has previously worked with, she now seeks to build a ‘raving customer fan base’ offering the sense of community and support she feels is well suited to the environments of crowdfunding and CRM.


Simone Gilbert - You've Gotta Live

Put simply, she shows women how to take amazing care of themselves.

She encourages radical self-love which is a corner stone of her tailored program that shows you how to “clear and cleanse” to regain health, “reshape & reinvigorate” to get your body back into good working order (no training for marathons included!!), refocus your mind & nurture your soul. Find out more here: www.youvegottalive.com


Jasmine Gartner - Jasmine Gartner Consulting

Elaine talks with Jasmine who, has lived in London since 2008. She has worked extensively throughout the UK for a broad range of client from B&Q to Glenmorangie, speaking about and developing, designing and delivering training on employee engagement, information & consultation, cross cultural awareness, unconscious bias and diversity awareness.

Before moving to London, she was a professor at the State University of New York, teaching cross cultural studies for international business majors. She is also author of the book ”Employee Engagement: a little book of Big Ideas” Employee Engagement: a little book of Big Ideas which can be found on Amazon and writes a column for HRZONE


Rachel Tombs - Links2Leads

Rachel Tombs talks with Elaine about leaving her 15 year career as a Solicitor behind in order to launch her own award-winning business, Links2Leads. Having realised through first hand experience how powerful LinkedIn can be when used properly, Rachel (often referred to as the 'LinkedIn Lady') shows her clients how to expertly market their own personal brands and businesses on LinkedIn. But, Links2Leads doesn't just stop at LinkedIn! Rachel and her team also offer a wide range of other bespoke business development and marketing consultancy services. For further details, visit the Links2Leads website at www.links2leads.co.uk and be certain to check out her training.


Greg Le Roux - Architecting The Enterprise

What an eclectic conversion between Elaine and Greg Le Roux of ATE, ranging from IT to Brexit to his charitable works.

Greg’s worked in the internet and ICT industries for 20 years and holds an MBA that focused on marketing strategies for online business. As a pragmatic business strategist he is able to define and translate strategy into activities that deliver business success. As a team member and leader, Greg thrives in situations where everyone rolls up their sleeves and work together to achieve common goals. That working together towards common goals also filters into his personal life and the charity which he works for, ACT (www.actoxford.com) which helps to transform the lives of the homeless, prisoners and ex-offenders and can be contacted via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by telephone on 01865 254800.


Aduke Onafowokan - The Sister Sister Network

Aduke Onafowokan, or Mrs ‘O’ to her friends, is wife, mother, and the founder of the Sister Sister Network which from 2015 has set about to bring women from different backgrounds at varying stages in their individual journeys together with other inspirational women to discuss ideas that facilitate individual development and collective empowerment. Aduke chats with Elaine about what it’s like to be a Nigerian mother to a British daughter, why she felt the need to create Sister Sister, its ethos and gives details of its forthcoming luncheon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading on 28/01/2017 @ 2pm; more details of which can obtained from the website www.sistersisters.co.uk or via phone on 07714 487444.


Katie Day - RDP International

Katie’s training and motivational speaking career started in 1989 delivering self-development programmes to enable women to evolve into who they were born to be. She’s worked for The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, running programmes for their female staff from all countries of operation, headed up their Task Force to look at gender diversity, and has worked for Business in the Community and FTSE companies on their gender diversity agenda.

In 2004 she set up The High-heeled Leader company for professional women whether corporate or running their own business, with her book, The High-heeled Leader, (available on Amazon), and has had a broad range of clients ranging from financial organisations such as Morgan Stanley through to the Kent Police. She is a guest lecturer at Warwick Business School regularly writes for the Huffington Post, Prowess, Executive Women and Capital Business magazines in Dubai.

Additionally, Katie is on the Board of Trustees of the charity Women of Africa and one of the Directors for the Foundation for International Collaboration and a sought after global speaker, often appearing as the Keynote at conferences in UK, US and India.


Michael Cordova - Floating Point

Elaine interviews Michael Cordova, owner of Berkshire’s only dedicated Floatation Centre, at its location in Pangbourne.

Michael and his wife Tina, opened Floating Point, housing two state of the art i-sopods, in July 2015 with the aim, ‘To make a positive contribution to humankind by providing the tools to improve physical and mental wellbeing, whilst creating a safe environment for personal growth.’ and to date, they have worked with a wide range of clients from those with chronic pain, stress and depression through to Team GB Athletes in preparation for Rio.

In addition to being interviewed by Elaine, Michael has also been interviewed by the BBC and his centre also features in its magazine, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-37444982?SThisFB and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35521560 for further details.


Tara Rule - O2

National Inclusion week commenced 26/09/2016 and sparked this conversation between Elaine and Tara Rule of O2 (Telefonica UK), Chair of their Women’s Network.

Tara joined Telefonica as a management accountant over 12 years ago but now balances motherhood, her main role as the Head of Performance and Trading AND somehow on top of that manages to do an astounding job as the Chair for the Women’s Network at Telefonica. She’s worked her way through the ranks but, in her own words, doesn’t “… have a firm job in mind for [her] next role …”, but she clearly knows she hasn’t yet reached her peak! Whatever role she does, she does it 100% and it is important to her that, as a well-rounded individual, leader and manager, she constantly develops herself in order to make a positive impact on not only the business and its performance but also more importantly on the people around her.

Tara can be found at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tara-rule-34182b3a, she also has a blog http://cocktailsandcoaching.blogspot.co.uk.


Jade Stoner - Success Boutique

Elaine welcomes Jade Stoner to Business Radio and talks to her via Skype about her passion for all things mindset and her wish to inspire others.

Jade is an Author, Speaker and the Founder of Success Boutique, a company designed to help people discover the greatness that is inside of them and live the life they deserve to live. Formally launched earlier this year, Success Boutique has been Jade's dream since 2010 and the mission is to empower 1 milion people to achieve success through inspiration, education & motivation. You can find out more at www.successboutique.co.uk and also download a free ebook, giving you the 5 secrets to living a happy, fulfilled and successful life. You can also find Jade on Social Media @iamjadestoner


David Davies - Sandler Training Thames Valley

Elaine talks to David Davies, owner of Sandler Training Thames Valley. With more than 25 years international Sales and Business development experience, David has been instrumental in helping organisations achieve lasting sales success.A passionate, innovative and award-winning Sales Coach, he is recognised for transforming potential into profitable performance and as spent his career helping small businesses to become multi-national sales operations by developing consistent, sustainable, scalable growth strategies. His mission is a simple one, to help people to and beyond their own goal; and it’s more than just sales success, he wants to fundamentally change how people sell and how they feel about selling.


Hannah Liversidge - Amethyst PA

Hannah Liversidge of Amethyst PA chats with Elaine about her role as a Virtual Assistant and, having run her own successful business for many years, she really knows what it takes to excel. By working as an extended team for her clients, her company offers timely and enthusiastic support couple with a multitude of skills. It’s said that behind every successful man there is great woman, Elaine says that, behind every successful woman there’s a greater woman, and Hannah shows us how it should be done. For details of her business feel free to visit her site www.AmethystPA.co.uk


Others :


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